What is SpaceTime?

Space Time is an artist residency experiment designed for individuals or groups who show exceptional rigor and commitment to their artistry and craft.


What is Studio 206?

Studio 206 is a creative workspace committed to supporting artists in exploring new ground in performance and art...a place to ask questions and take risks. It is located in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis in the Ivy Building for the Arts, on the Midtown Greenway bike path, accessible from the 7, 21 and 24 bus lines and within walking distance of the light rail. The building is fully accessible, with passenger and freight elevators and free parking.


How does the SpaceTime residency work?

206 is a space run by artists...for artists. As a small organization our financial resources are limited but what we do have to offer that artists need is space and time. For the last five years we have been experimenting under the radar with a residency model (formerly called InRez) that makes use of those resources to offer a discounted rental rate. In May of 2015 we took the experiment more public by accepting proposals for residencies.



Here is what SpaceTime artists get:


•   Use of Studio 206 as a home-base-3300 sq. ft. with a 1500 sq. ft. (50’ x 30’) clear-span, wood floor rehearsal area.

•   Priority scheduling over other renters.

•   Use of space on short notice when available.

•   Set/prop/costumes can be stored at 206 during the residency. We have an area in the basement of the building if

   there is extended time between your scheduled rehearsals.

•   Access to technical equipment at a discounted rate: lights, sound, projection.

•   An ongoing presence on the 206 website and social media during the residency.



Here is how it works:


• SpaceTime is designed to support any and/or all stages of development of an artistic project from research to

      preparation for a performance or public event.  


• There are two residency lengths that you can apply for- six months or one year. Each has a minimum number of

      hours that must be contracted and paid for.


• For every 4 hours of rehearsal time you contract and pay for- you get 1 hour of free “flextime”. The difference  

     between contracted hours and free flextime is that the flextime hours are based on availability of the space and can

     be subject to change if other paid rentals arise. We do our best to schedule other renters around your flextime

     hours, but if that is not possible we will work with you to reschedule your flextime.

     Hours you contract and pay for are not subject to change.  


• We also try to be very responsive should you want/need space on short notice...if studio is open, we are happy to

       make it available.


• The minimum amount of contracted hours for the 6-month residency is 90 hours and for the year residency is 150

      hours. The hourly rental rate is $13. More hours than the minimum could be negotiated if they are available.

      So if you use all your flex hours, your actual rental rate comes out to $10.40 an hour.


     One thing to note...we call 206 a project based space. What this means is that rather than having ongoing

     commitments like classes, we focus on accommodating artistic endeavors happening over a discreet period of time.

     Your contracted hours will need to be scheduled in concentrated periods of say 1,2,3 or 4-week periods.

     We are not able to offer contracted time for one or two nights a week for the duration of the entire residency.

     Flextime hours are more flexible and fluid and are not subject to this constraint.



Is there a minimum number of hours we have to commit to?

Yes.  90 hours for the 6-month residency an 150 hours for the one-year residency.  


Is there a maximum number of hours hours that can be used during the residency?

Yes. 120 hours for the 6-month residency an 200 hours for the one-year residency.  


Why is the residency at 206 not free?

As much as we would love to offer a more traditional residency- SpaceTime remains a rogue endeavor that flies without outside financial support. So we want to offer what we have...space and time.


Who can apply?

Artists of all performing arts disciplines are welcome to apply for SpaceTime including but not limited to: theatre, dance, performance art, and film/video.


What are the requirements for applying?

•   Artists/groups must have a history of producing work.

•   Sorry but full time students are not eligible for the residency.


How many artists will be selected for SpaceTime?

The number of artists/groups invited will depend on the scope and time requirements of the proposals received.


How are the artists selected?

SpaceTime is curated by Studio 206 co-directors Robert Rosen and Shawn McConneloug.


When would the residency start?

Residencies can have flexible start dates based on project needs and space availability. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.


How do I apply?

Send an email to: ivystudio206@earthlink.net

Subject line: Application for SpaceTime at 206


In the body of the email please include:

Brief Artistic statement (200 word or less)      

The project you will be working on (200 words or less)

Why this residency and why now? (75 words or less)

Length of residency (6 month or 1 year)

The time frame/schedule for your working process


Also include:

Website or link to your work

Names/contact information for two references that would recommend you for SpaceTime


Please attach a bio/resume for all artists involved.

Be sure to put your name, telephone and email address contact information in the body of the email.


We will contact all applicants by email within two weeks of receiving your proposal.



Questions: contact Shawn at ivystudio206@earthlink.net



We look forward to seeing your proposals.







STUDIO 206  |  Ivy Buildng for the Arts  |  2637 27th Avenue South  |  Minneapolis MN 55406  |  ivystudio206@earthlink.net                                         

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