is a consortium of creative risk-takers from various disciplines

who seek to cross the boundaries of our disciplines

in search of good ideas and new connections.



Originated by artists Robert Rosen, Kira Obolensky, Irve Dell and Shawn McConneloug, the goal of The Gymnasium is:


• to use the arts as a nexus for connections with science, industry, business and innovation;

• to spark new, imaginative thinking around issues and ideas facing us in the early 21st century;

• to enliven, surprise and stimulate both economically and culturally the community in which we live and work;

• and to imagine and activate a new business paradigm that models sustainability for artists and social entrepreneurship.


A place, a process and a collection of people, The Gymnasium becomes a way to exercise creative thinking and probe the ways in which imagination can be harnessed to solve problems, invent ideas and products and make innovative art that engages the community.


The Gymnasium hosts a series of “imagination conversations” or "Tink Tanks”  (“tinker” or “to make.”) at Studio 206, bringing together a small group of creative thinkers across conventional sector boundaries for a rich, facilitated exploration of an organizing critical question.


When such an interdisciplinary ideation takes place across usual professional boundaries, what can happen?

What ideas, projects and opportunities can emerge?

find out more at: thegymtc.com

STUDIO 206  |  Ivy Buildng for the Arts  |  2637 27th Avenue South  |  Minneapolis MN 55406  |  ivystudio206@earthlink.net                                           

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